Republic Technologies France specializes in the conversion of fine papers and has developed its know-how over nearly two centuries. The factory is in Perpignan, Pyrénées Orientales, in Southern France. 

Republic Technologies JOBThe story began in 1838 when Jean Bardou, a baker living in Perpignan, had the brilliant idea of cutting up thin leaves of paper and turning them into a little booklet, the pages of which could be used by smokers to roll their own cigarettes. On the booklet, he placed the lozenge shape representing the town’s coat of arms between his initials. It was soon read as an “O” and the cigarette paper became JOB paper, made by the JOB company founded by the Bardou family.

Cigarette paper-making workshops were built in the centre of Perpignan. The booklets changed their presentation and a wider variety of papers were used.

In 1975, the workshops moved out of the town centre to a more spacious area on the outskirts.

In 1986, the Bolloré Group acquired JOB, the company changed its name and became Bolloré Technologies. It produces and sells the OCB, Zig-Zag and JOB brands.

In 2000, Republic Group, an international group based in Chicago, bought the company, which is now known as Republic Technologies France.

In 2006, the company significantly extended its premises and production facilities.
In 2011, a new warehouse opening is scheduled in April, in Perpignan, close to the airport and A9 motorway.

Today, Republic Technologies France is the world’s biggest factory for the production of rolling paper booklets, with an annual production capacity of more than a billion booklets.

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