Ethics Charter

Our ethics charter sets out the principles and values that all Republic Technologies International employees and partners should use as a basis for their professional behaviour and attitudes.


Republic Technologies, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Europe, (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) are involved in a wide range of businesses in a large number of countries.
Despite this diversity, the Group and all its employees share the same principles for action and adhere to common values.

The Group seeks to meet the expectations of its clients, suppliers, shareholders and employees while complying with certain principles characterized by:

  • Professionalism, in developing the quality of the products and services delivered to its customers;
  • Team spirit, in taking on projects, innovating, creating and strengthening relationships and synergies;
  • Partnership, to encourage balanced, open relations with its contacts;
  • A sense of social responsibility;
  • Strict compliance with applicable legality;
  • Environmental responsibility.

A set of references common to the entire Group, this ethics charter sets out the principles that must be followed by its executives and employees in the exercise of their functions.

Republic Technologies complies with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, and adheres to the Global Compact adopted by the United Nations on 26 July 2000.

Principle no. 1: Respect legality and apply the ethics charter

Employees and those who are called upon in any way to represent the Group must abide by the laws and regulations in force in all countries and contexts in which they are operating. They must also constantly seek to follow the principles, objectives and obligations fixed by this ethics charter.

The charter is communicated to anyone belonging to the Group. Every employee is aware that he is personally liable for any violation of the ethics charter.

All acts and activities carried out by the Group must be of the highest ethical standards and allow for concrete, complete and verifiable information about the Group’s activities to be drawn up and circulated.

Principle no. 2: Respect the individual in the management of human resources

The Group seeks to offer equal opportunities for recruitment, employment, personal and professional development and promotion to every man and woman, with no distinction for race, age, nationality, religion or culture.

To support efforts to develop its workforce and fight against social exclusion, the Group seeks to provide the initial and ongoing training required for its employees to do their jobs and develop. It pays particular attention to the integration and career development of disabled people.

The Group seeks to provide lasting employment for its workforce and, where possible, places the emphasis on re-training and redeployment in the event of a restructuring.

The Group is respectful of International Labour Organization conventions and refuses to use child labour or forced labour, either directly or indirectly.

The Group seeks to promote and maintain healthy, safe working conditions with the support of employees who will seek to inform their senior managers at any time of any risks.

Principle no. 3: Developing ethics in business relations

Every employee should act with loyalty and integrity in all his business and promotional relations with his customers and/or suppliers. He thus agrees not to make use of any illegal practices, including active or passive corruption.

All secret payments, direct or indirect, and all gifts, the value of which are higher than is generally acceptable, used to help establish or maintain business relations with a customer are strictly prohibited.

Similarly, all employees agree not to accept any valuable gifts or secret payments, directly or indirectly, in respect of the work that they do within the Group.

Principle no. 4: Fighting against illegal trading

The Group and its employees are aware of the existence of fraudulent markets and agree to avoid all direct or indirect contact and/or involvement with this illegal trading.

In this respect, every employee must ensure that everyone with whom he is in contact, especially customers and suppliers, adhere to the same values as those of the Group in terms of integrity and honesty.

The Group’s products are manufactured in accordance with a precise set of specifications to meet the highest standards of quality. Our brands are the quality and safety guarantee that our customers are looking for when they choose our products. Counterfeit products do not offer the same guarantees and damage the reputation of the Group’s products.

All Group employees are urged to report the existence of any illegal trading to their senior manager as soon as they become aware of it, especially any acts of counterfeit and/or contraband that may directly or indirectly involve the products sold by the Group.

As soon as it becomes aware, the Group will use all the legal means at its disposal and work with the competent authorities, within the framework of the legislation in force, to curb all illegal forms of trading involving its products, such as counterfeit and/or contraband.

Principle no. 5: Maintaining honest, irreproachable relations with the Authorities

Business contacts with civil service officials and representatives of government organizations, the Administration and the public services are reserved solely for employees who are duly authorized to maintain such contacts as part of their function.

Gifts or favours of any kind may only be offered to civil service and Administration officials or to the representatives of public institutions if they fall within a strictly ethical, correct, legal framework. No gift should be offered if it is likely to compromise the integrity and reputation of either party.

Principle no. 6: Protecting the Group’s image

Group employees should seek to protect and promote the Group’s image. With this in mind, they should give preference to external partners who themselves adhere to these principles.

Principle no. 7: Looking after working equipment

Every employee is responsible for looking after and protecting any Group property and resources entrusted to him and agrees to use them only for his own professional needs. Finally, employees will take constant care to ensure that Group property and resources are not stolen, damaged or used for some malevolent purpose.

Principle no. 8: Producing precise, accurate information

The drawing-up and circulation of information, and particularly Group information of a financial and accounting nature, is based on factors that can be objectively analysed and checked.

The Annual Accounts are audited by an internationally known audit company.

Principle no. 9: Choosing suppliers on the basis of objective criteria

The choice of suppliers and decisions on purchasing conditions are based solely on objective evaluations of quality, price and the ability to supply and guarantee services of an adequate level. In addition, Group suppliers must have taken appropriate steps to comply with the legal provisions governing tax and social security contributions, especially those aimed at fighting against the employment of undeclared or illegal workers.

Principle no. 10: Upholding the Group’s interests in the event of a conflict of interests

Every employee must avoid any situation or activity that may give rise to conflicts of interest with the Group or interfere with his ability to make impartial decisions in the Group’s best interests.

Any responsibility, particularly as a board member, in organizations outside the Group, excluding associative, humanitarian and religious organizations, must be submitted to the senior management for approval.

In the event of a conflict of interests, he will not make any decisions alone and will immediately inform his senior manager.

Principle no. 11: Maintaining confidentiality

No information of a confidential nature concerning the Group’s activities may be used, communicated or disclosed without the express authorisation of Group Headquarters.

This is particularly the case in the field of scientific and technological research, manufacturing processes and the know-how linked to them, strategic and financial plans and employee files.

Holders of confidential information will disclose it only to authorized individuals and will not use it, directly or indirectly, for personal reasons.

The same restrictions apply to any confidential information communicated to Group employees by its Customers.

Principle no. 12: Caring for the environment

The Group complies scrupulously with the environmental standards that apply to each of its areas of activity and seeks to give preference to methods that reduce all forms of pollution.

The practices in force within the Group in terms of sustainable development and the environment are described in the “Republic Technologies Group Environmental Policy“.